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Dec 01

Brazilian Formula 1 gran prix 2011 Sao Paulo Interlagos

Hello readers, Brazil has a great tradition in many sports and Formula 1 is one of the them. Thousands of people from all over the country get together in São Paulo every year for the last race of the season. Its held on the Interlagos racetrack located south of São Paulo downtown. This year brazilian …

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Nov 25

Eight places you must visit in Curitiba

Hello readers, after writing about the Oktoberfest in Blumenau, I decided to write something about Curitiba. Below is a list of the places that you can´t miss when you get to visit my town. Once upon a time Curitiba was recognized as green capital, that`s because of the many public parks around the city and …

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Nov 10

Largest Oktoberfest of the Americas happens in Blumenau

Think about it, 18 days of pure German fest. Including beer of course. It´s the Oktoberfest that happens in Blumenau, south Brazil. This was considered the largest Oktoberfest out of Germany, now it`s the largest of the Americas. In 2010 was my 1st year attending to the fest, and this year I was pleased with …

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Nov 03

How Brazil handles car license plates registration

This topic is one of those that will answer your probable question as soon as you land around the streets of a new country. The way each country or even state (like the USA does) deals with it is easily noticeable. What happens in Brazil is that there’s one law for the whole country, no …

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Oct 24

Summer in south Brazil beautiful girls and nice rides

Hello readers, as summer is approaching for the southern hemisphere, I decided to post here this video that shows how some wealthy people in Brazil enjoyed their 2010 summer at the beach called Jurerê Internacional located in the island of Florianópolis. Real estate prices at this beach are really high, many foreigners investor are aware …

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Oct 20

Fifa announced the host cities for the 2013 confederations cup

As it`s widely advertised by the media, Brazil will host the Fifa Soccer World Cup 2014. Part of the preparation to host the main event, is hosting the Confederations Cup that happens in Brazil 1 year before. Today the host cities were announced: Brasilia – Should host the opening match. Belo Horizonte – share semi-final matches. Fortaleza - share …

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