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Dec 01

Brazilian Formula 1 gran prix 2011 Sao Paulo Interlagos

Hello readers, Brazil has a great tradition in many sports and Formula 1 is one of the them. Thousands of people from all over the country get together in São Paulo every year for the last race of the season. Its held on the Interlagos racetrack located south of São Paulo downtown.

This year brazilian pilots didn`t do very well.

  • Felipe Massa (Ferrari) – Started 7th – Finished 5th
  • Rubens Barrichelo (Willians) – Started 12th – Finished 14th
  • Bruno Senna (Lotus renault) – Started 9th – Finished 17th

The race was won by the australian Mark Webber, it was hist first victory this year.

A friend of mine went to watch the race and took a how bunch of pictures, below you can check few of them.


3 times former F1 world champion Nelson Piquet did a demo lap with his 1981 BrabhamNelson Piquet did a demo lap with a 1981 Brabham.

Felipe Massa and his Ferrari racing in Sao Paulo interlagos in 2011 Brazilian GP.Brazilian F1 pilot – Felipe Massa

Brazilian F1 pilot Felipe Massa leaving pits in the 2011 Formula 1 GPMassa leaving the pit stop.

F1 Mercedez bens brake disks and pads during Brazilian GP.The Mercedes` brake disk.

Bruno Senna during the 2011 Interlagos in Sao Paulo BrazilBruno Senna, nephew of the great Ayrton Senna.

Spare nose of the mercedes benz in pits during Sao Paulo GP 2011Spare noses – costs between 10k – 20k

The F1 mercedes bens torn apart before the race.Getting ready to the race.

Lewis Hamilton leaving the pits with his McLaren during the Sao Paulo GP 2011

Lewis Hamilton getting back to the track after chaging tires.

Force india nose before the race in the 2011 Brazilian GP

Force India noses and a Brazilian toy on top of it.

Bruno Senna getting back to the race after changing tires in the 2011 F1 Sao Paulo GP

Nephew of the great Ayrton Senna.

The racing car jack used to lift F1 cars during the race to change tiresThis is the jack used by teams to change tires during the race.

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  1. Chance@arizona hotel resorts

    Too bad they didn’t finish first place. Seems like their machines are so powerful and fast.

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