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Nov 25

Eight places you must visit in Curitiba

Hello readers,
after writing about the Oktoberfest in Blumenau, I decided to write something about Curitiba.
Below is a list of the places that you can´t miss when you get to visit my town. Once upon a time Curitiba was recognized as green capital, that`s because of the many public parks around the city and great public transportation system as well.

1 – Botanical Garden
Just a few minutes away from downtown, I`m pretty sure this is our most popular park,  super busy during the weekends, many tourists walk around the beautiful garden while thousands of pictures are taken.
Curitiba botanical garden fountain at night
Photo by Jamil

2 – Barigui Park
The largest public park is located near the most populous neighborhood in the city. Sunny sundays are the busiest days, some streets around the park are closed to cars to avoid some guys that like to show of their loud car`s stereos. Many people go for practice exercises, there are 2 tracks, one for walkers/runners and the other for bikes, skate boards and everything else with wheels.
Barigui park in Curitiba is a must see for touristsPhoto by Joao

3 – Opera de Arame (Wire Opera Theatre) and Pedreira Paulo Leminski (Paulo Leminski Quarry)
Stage for many concerts, these two places are one next to other. If you`re visiting and there`s not an event going on, it`s a quick stop, you won`t spend more than 1 hour on both, they are proof that man building and nature can live together just fine. I`ve been to concerts on both, it`s an amazing the vibe that surrounds the place.
Wire opera theatre next to Paulo Leminski quarry in Curitiba PRPhoto by Leonardo

4 – Tangua Park
A lot less popular than the Barigui Park, this is an eye candy, 100% nature. It has a waterfall that can be reached from the top and from the botton of the fall. If you`re lucky to visit during a sunny day, make sure that your camera`s battery if fully charged and that there`s space in the card to store the many pictures it deserves.
To watch the sunset at this place is a very pleasant experience.
Must visit places in Curitiba Parana - Brazil - Tangua ParkPhoto by Guilhermy

5 – November XV st.
Closed to cars, this street got plenty of sidewalk to pedestrians and shoppers go up and down as much as they want. Every day thousands of people just walk or stop by the stores to buy anything, from clothes to food. The lightening got upgraded and you can enjoy a pleasant walk at night, just beware that stores are closed this time.
XV street shopping street in Curitiba Parana Brazil
Photo by Radamés

6 – Handcrafts sunday fair (Largo da Ordem).
My mom and every other women loves this thing, super crowded and popular, it`s a must see for foreign visitors. There are hundreds of exhibitors that are selling their handcrafted itens. Out on the street, near the old downtown sector you should book the whole sunday morning to fully enjoy and see all the different itens hand made. As any other crowded place, make sure you keep your belongings safe.
Sunday handcraft fair in Curitiba - Largo da OrdemPhoto by Rosangela

7 - Mercês tower.
This tower is used by tv and phone companies to distribute their signals, so it`s located on a neighborhood with high altitude. That means once you`re up there, the view is fantastic.
Nice view of the Merces tower in Curitiba.
Photo by Dalton

8 – Oscar Niemeyer museum.
Locals call it the eye museum, you will understand as soon as you get there why. Oscar is one famous Brazilian architect responsible for many important buildings(the museum itself as well). The museum used to be a state government building, but back in 2002 it was remodeled and became the museum. It has more than 17k square meters of area to hold exhibitions.
Beautiful Oscar Niemeyer Museum in CuritibaPhoto by Rafa

Curitiba has one easy way to check out most of the touristic places, you can hop on the tourism line bus and it will take you to all the places that I`ve listed here. With a single ticket you can hop off the bus in 2 different places.
Double deck tourism line bus in Curitiba Brazil

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