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Nov 10

Largest Oktoberfest of the Americas happens in Blumenau

Think about it, 18 days of pure German fest. Including beer of course. It´s the Oktoberfest that happens in Blumenau, south Brazil.

This was considered the largest Oktoberfest out of Germany, now it`s the largest of the Americas.

In 2010 was my 1st year attending to the fest, and this year I was pleased with the opportunity to be there again.

Brazilian oktoberfest happens in Blumenau located in Santa Catarina state

Blumenau begun its Oktoberfest history back in 1984, after it was flooded and had to somehow make money to rebuild what mother nature destroyed. As the city was mainly colonized by Germans, this is a way to pass on their culture to the newer generations.

Tickets to get into the Brazilian Oktoberfest that happens in Blumenau.

Those are the tickets to get into the fest.

The fest has grown so much that actually there are 3 huge buildings (aka sectors as shown below) to hold up all the visitors.

Map of the Brazilian oktoberfest in Blumenau

Numbers of the 2011 Oktoberfest Blumenau:

  • When: October 6th until the 23rd.
  • 563,925 visitors.
  • 626,547 liters of beer consumed.
  • 93,964 people only on the 15th.

At the fest, there is one sector that only serves beer made by the local brewing companies, and the other 2 sectors serve just regular popular beer.
I`m not a big fan of a whole full post of text, so I decided to split into a coupe posts talking about the fest.
In the next few days I`ll write about the food and the beer.

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