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Oct 04

Rafinha Bastos once the most influential on Twitter now plummet king

Hello fellow readers, today I`m writing about a very polemic issue, Rafinha Bastos a hit of the Brazilian stand-up comedy scene that was elected by the NY Times the #1 top influences on Twitter.

Rafinha Bastos was elected by NY Times the #1 influence on twitter.

Last monday (Sep 26th) as co-host of a weekly entertainment TV Show (CQC) he said a “Bad Joke?” and got punished, he got pulled back and didn`t go live this monday(Oct 4th). Below you see the cover of a very famous weekly magazine that mentioned the case.

Capa veja Sao Paulo detona Rafinha Bastos.You`re probably wondering what he said, well, right after an interview, back to CQC`s main host (@MarceloTas) sent a hug to “Wanessa that is looking so cute pregnant” that was just interviewed. Then Rafinha said: “Cute, very cute, I`d bang her AND the baby”.

The thing is that Wanessa is wife of Marcus Buaiz which is Ronaldo`s partner. Press is saying that Ronaldo called Band`s (tv station) high management asking for an action. We don`t know for how long he`s off duty yet.

Right after the ranking was published on NY Times, Rafinha got an article published on the NY Times about him.

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