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Dec 01

Brazilian Formula 1 gran prix 2011 Sao Paulo Interlagos

Hello readers, Brazil has a great tradition in many sports and Formula 1 is one of the them. Thousands of people from all over the country get together in São Paulo every year for the last race of the season. Its held on the Interlagos racetrack located south of São Paulo downtown.

This year brazilian pilots didn`t do very well.

  • Felipe Massa (Ferrari) – Started 7th – Finished 5th
  • Rubens Barrichelo (Willians) – Started 12th – Finished 14th
  • Bruno Senna (Lotus renault) – Started 9th – Finished 17th

The race was won by the australian Mark Webber, it was hist first victory this year.

A friend of mine went to watch the race and took a how bunch of pictures, below you can check few of them.


3 times former F1 world champion Nelson Piquet did a demo lap with his 1981 BrabhamNelson Piquet did a demo lap with a 1981 Brabham.

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Oct 04

Rafinha Bastos once the most influential on Twitter now plummet king

Hello fellow readers, today I`m writing about a very polemic issue, Rafinha Bastos a hit of the Brazilian stand-up comedy scene that was elected by the NY Times the #1 top influences on Twitter.

Rafinha Bastos was elected by NY Times the #1 influence on twitter.

Last monday (Sep 26th) as co-host of a weekly entertainment TV Show (CQC) he said a “Bad Joke?” and got punished, he got pulled back and didn`t go live this monday(Oct 4th). Below you see the cover of a very famous weekly magazine that mentioned the case.

Capa veja Sao Paulo detona Rafinha Bastos.You`re probably wondering what he said, well, right after an interview, back to CQC`s main host (@MarceloTas) sent a hug to “Wanessa that is looking so cute pregnant” that was just interviewed. Then Rafinha said: “Cute, very cute, I`d bang her AND the baby”.

The thing is that Wanessa is wife of Marcus Buaiz which is Ronaldo`s partner. Press is saying that Ronaldo called Band`s (tv station) high management asking for an action. We don`t know for how long he`s off duty yet.

Right after the ranking was published on NY Times, Rafinha got an article published on the NY Times about him.

Oct 01

Amazon cloudfront and route 53 web services arrives in Brazil

Amazon has sent out emails to Brazilian customers to give great news.

They`ve just announced that they launched a new edge location right here, in Brazil.

That`s right, Brazil is definitely on the route of the largest companies in the world. This launch means lower latency and higher data transfer speeds.

This is the first edge location of Amazon in South America and their 20 worldwide location.

Sep 30

How tiping works in Brazil

Hello readers! I`m posting today from São Paulo, which is among the largest cities in the world. This city deserves many posts on this blog, in a future that will happen.


I had lunch with a friend that lives here and after that a post idea came up.


Let me talk about how tipping works here in Brazil.

In most, and I really mean it, you don`t have to tip the waiter/waitress, his/her 10% service fee comes included on your bill by default.

Right now you`re probably wondering, what if I got a shitty service and don`t want to leave a penny for that waiter. Then you may ask to have the “service fee” removed, you have that right and they will do so. If you feel like the service was superb, you may give directly to whoever did a good job some extra bucks.

It`s not cultural to tip hairdresser, valet driver, pizza delivery man… can`t think of any other service that usually gets tipped.


Hope ya`ll liked.


Sep 18

Rihanna loud tour concert happens in Brazil.

There´s no doubt that Brazil is on the path of many famous artists from all over the world. I´ve written about Bieber already.

Now it´s time for Rihanna to land around here.

She will perform in 4 different cities, the agenda is:

  • Sao Paulo: Sep 17th
  • Belo Horizonte: Sep 18th
  • Brasilia: Sep 21st
  • Rio de Janeiro: Sep 23rd

Rihanna concert happens in Brazil.

Tickets are on sale here.

Sep 04

Justin Bieber concert happens in Brazil


To finally fulfill the request of the brazilian biebers, the boy will perform for the first time in our country.

His “My World Tour” as it´s named, will happen 4 times in 3 different brazilian cities.


The dates and location are listed below:

  • Rio de Janeiro – October 5th. @ a soccer stadium called Engenhão.
  • São Paulo – October 8th and 9th. This concert will be held @ Morumbi a soccer stadium as well.
  • Porto Alegre – October 10th. @ the Beira Rio stadium.


Wondering how much it costs to watch his concert down here? Check the Currency Exchange Calculator.

  • In Rio – from R$230,00 to R$490,00.
  • São Paulo – from R$140,00 to R$460,00.
  • Porto Alegre – from R$160,00 to R$400,00.


The São Paulo(AKA Z Festival) concert has a few other atractions:


The tickets are on sale here.

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